The new program of this course includes live surgeries, hands-on dissection sessions, and podium presentations by Swiss and international faculty. It will be online soon.

The following topics will be covered

- Anatomy
- Powered instruments
- Endoscopic access to the middle ear
- Tympano-ossiculoplasty
- Stapes surgery
- Mastoidectomy
- Cochlear implantation
- Access to the lateral skull base
- Bone conduction implants

Format and objective:

It is the aim of SEES to provide an excellent, realistic, and fruitful learning environment for all participants. The dissection will be held on a step-by-step mode with small groups of two participants per cadaveric head. Personal instructors introduce the endoscopic technique. The course strongly relies on hands-on demonstrations using whole-head cadaveric specimens. Live surgery, lectures and demonstrations cover the theoretical background of the subjects taught.

The official language of the course is English